Bedieningspaneel Balboa ML900 Touch Panel





Type of product: Topside control, touch panel or touch pad
Make and Model: Balboa ML900
Power: Volts: 12
Compatible with: GL2000, GL8000
Button configuration: 12 button – TIME, MODE, WARM, COOL screen JETS1, JETS 2, JETS 3, OPTION, INVERT, FIBER, LIGHT, BLOWER
Screen: Hi-Tec LCD large face screen, component symbols displayed. Time functions and advanced error message display.
Connections: 8 small plastic pins, 2 rows of 4.
Dimensions: 295mm x 80mm
Additional notes: Overlay included. If your panel looks like this but has a slightly different button configuration, this panel should still work. All you need to do is change the dip switch setting for “panel scrunching” to off and all the buttons will then work in the correct order to this topside configuration.

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