Sundance Spas Temperature Sensor (Curled end) thermostaat temperatuur sensor



Zeer veel voorkomende thermostaat voor Sundance Spa’s bijna alle types gebruiken deze Thermostaat.
Deze zit meestal in het filterhuis verwerkt onderin de bak.


Type of product: Sundance Temperature Sensor (Curled end)
Manufacturer / model: Sundance
Connection: The Temperature Sensor usually mounts into the wall of the Spa. The boxed end plugs into mounts on to the PCB.
Size specification:
Fits Hole Diameter: 20mmm
Cable length: 3.5 metres

Commonly used with: This product is in very common use with Sundance Hot tubs. This “Curled End” version was mainly used for the lower end range such as 780/850e/680 series, also Portofino, Sweetwater and Del Sol. You may associate model names such as Caprio, Metro, Solo, Lagunas, Palermo, Bahia, Caymen, Redondo and Hermosa.
Additional notes:
There are 2 main Temperature sensors used with Sundance, they look the same but their are 2 different types of connections, be sure to choose the correct one.

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